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CLE Auto Rental Service
Offering a wide range of Vehicles

At C. A. R. (CLE Auto Rental) we offer a wide range of reliable and affordable vehicles from cars to SUVs to trucks to minivans. Our vehicle rental services are for local rental services only.

So if you’re in need of a vehicle rental give us a call (216) 905-8886 Today and let us put you behind the wheel of a reliable and affordable car, SUV, truck, minivan or van TODAY!

Easy & Affordable Prices
We make renting your next vehicle easy & affordable
Wide Vehicle Selection
We offer a wide array of vehicles to choose from
Reliable Rental Service
You can count on us for all your auto rental needs
East & West Locations
Eastside & Westside locations for your convenience
Cleveland's easy and affordable car rental services
Whether you need a short term rental or longer term rental, be it a compact vehicle, an economy sized vehicle or an an SUV, we offer easy and affordable vehicle rental services with a wide selection of vehicles to choose from with 2 greater Cleveland locations.
Give Us A Call TODAY! 216-905-8886